Choir and Music Recordings

Choir May 2013“Those who sing pray twice!” St. John’s choir does much more than increase the beauty of our worship.  Singing is one of the most profound forms of human expression, and has been a part of worship for as long as people have responded to God in prayer.  Our choir leads the congregation when we all sing praise to God, and they also sing on behalf of the rest of us when we want to offer God a piece of music that requires lots of rehearsal.  Below is a smattering of occasional recordings of the choir making its musical offerings.

Mixed Choir:

Sign_Me_Up! A slightly abridged recording of the choir’s joyful, not to say raucous “season finale,” June 16, 2013

Please_Be_Patient_With_Me – God Is Not Through With Me Yet! The great gospel song by Albertina Walker and James Cleveland, as sung by the combined forces of our children and adult choirs, June 2, 2013

Here_I_Am_Lord One of the choir’s favorites