30 Hour Famine – March 23rd to March 24th

We hope your high schooler can join us March 23rd to March 24th, 2018 as we particpate in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. Our high school students will grow closer to Christ and each other as they fast together for 30 hours and raise funds to fight hunger. We’ve got tons of activities, ideas, and the ever-popular TRIBE game to make our no-eat overnighter unforgettable.


Here’s a bit on how we run the event:

Everyone is asked to stop eating after lunch on Friday, March 31st. They will arrive at the church at 6:00pm that night and stay over until 6:00pm Saturday where we’ll break the fast with a meal together.

When they arrive on Friday night they will be broken up into group called “Tribes” and given a description of a child they will be portraying. They may or may not have a malady or ailment, such as blind in one eye, a bad arm, or a bad leg. We’ll help them get into their roles by giving them an eye patch, tying up their arm, etc.

Each tribe can then claim an area of the church hall for their home base. They section off an area with tables, chairs, and blankets. We’ve even had a few people bring pop up canopies.

The tribes will partake in activities competing for points. Some of the activities include collecting food from an area with land mines. This is played by blind folding a member from each tribe and putting them into an area with potatoes on the ground that they have to collect without knocking over items like plastic bowling pins or balloons. Other members of their tribe have to guide them verbally to the potatoes.

Another activity we do is each person is given $1 ($1 feed a child for one day), we walk over to Stop and Shop and they have to buy enough food to feed themselves for one day. They can join forces with their tribe and tribes can combine efforts to pick the most nutritious items. (They don’t actually have to eat the food, we donate it to the food bank).

After Stop & Shop, we go to the neighborhood around the church and go door to door asking for donations of canned goods to be donated to the food pantry. Each food item has a certain point value. Peanut butter and tuna get more points than a can of corn.

There are other activities, too. I just wanted to give you an idea.

At the end of the event we all come together and break the fast with a meal of soup, salad, and bread. The tribe that earned the most points gets to eat first.

Though the kids will be fasting, they will have plenty of juice and water throughout the event. If they have a medical issue, they are allowed to eat.

As for sleeping arrangements, we will be broken up into girls and boys. They will be sleeping in different parts of the building on separate floors.

If you would like more information regarding St. John’s 30 Hour Famine program, you can call the church office at 203-239-0156 or email: mkearney@stjohns-northhaven.org

A bit more info for parents: