Middle and High School Mission Trip to Rutland, VT

The week of July 15th to 20th, St. John’s middle and high school students will be on a mission trip to Rutland, VT.  We will be going through YouthWorks, an organization that exists to connect teenagers to God, each other and communities through life-changing Christ-centered mission trips.

During our time in Rutland we’ll be staying at the First Baptist Church. We’ll be serving the community through helping facilitate a sports camp for kids, restoring old houses with a local ministry, and serving through partnerships with various local organizations.

As you can probably tell, it’s going to be a full week of listening to, learning from, and loving the people we meet in Lynn. This is going to be a great opportunity for growth within our group. We would love it if you would pray for this mission trip experience. Pray for the 11 of us who are going that we would be open to learning from the community we’re visiting and grow closer as a group and closer to Jesus. Pray for the community members who we meet that we could love and honor them well. Pray especially for the kids who we’ll get to do ministry with that they would connect the love we show with the love Jesus has for them.

We are also working on fundraising for this trip. Please consider supporting us through one of the fundraisers we will be holding.

On July 7 , from 8:30-2 we will be holding a car wash at McDonalds, Washington Ave, North Haven. You can support us by volunteering to help us wash cars, or you can purchase a $5 car wash ticket from one of the participants or through the church office.

Another way to help is by  purchasing a “SHARE” of our trip. Each Share Certificate will entitle the holder to postcard/email updates from Rutland and an invitation to a pasta dinner with a slide show and recap from the mission trip participants. The cost per share is $30.

You can purchase shares from trip participants or by clicking the link below:


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